Aimed to train over 5000 Kajola people and its environs on how to code

Questions and anwsers

Q: What is CodeKajola?
Ans: codeKajola is an initiative program organised to train over 5,000 youths in Kajola LG and its environs on how to code in simplest way

Q:Who are the organisers?
Ans: Kajola LG indigene Programmers.

Q: What are the categories of people to benefit from the programme?
Ans: It is organise mainly for youths in Kajola LG and its environs but other people are also welcome irrespective of religion and tribe.

Q: What are the advantages tend to derive from the programme?
Ans: Learning programming has many advantages, just to mention a few

  • You will be self employed
  • Job opportunities
  • Ability to solve society problems
  • Creativity and computational thinking
  • Educational benefits and lot more

Q: What are the computer skills required if I want to participate?
Ans: It requires no skill; once you can read and write

Q: Where is the venue for the programme?
Ans: There are Three venues available for now:

  • School of science, Okeho computer Lab
  • Irepodun Community High School, Ilero Computer Lab
  • Okeho-Iganna Grammar school, Okeho computer Lab.
  • Q: How much is your training fees
    Ans: It is absolutely free for all participants

    Q: Can I sponsor your programme or partner with you?
    Ans: Yes, we want someone like you, together we can make Kajola LG the next technology area

    Q: I'm professional programmer, can I join your facilitators
    Ans: Yes, kindly fill our facilitator application form. We will get back to you pronto.